Update on the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter: increased range and a more inexpensive model?

According to an official circular, the claimed Indian Driving Conditions (IDC) range of the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter will rise to 108 kilometres from 90 km on the existing scooter.

Of the four domestically produced major electric two-wheeler OEMs, the Chetak electric scooter is Bajaj's lone entry into the electric scooter market and currently has the lowest sales figures.

The fact that the battery capacity and power output of the revised model are the same as those of the current Chetak suggests that Bajaj presumably fiddled with the Battery Management Software to obtain this higher number while maintaining the specifications.

It's unclear whether the Chetak's price will rise in response to its range expansion. At this time, the Chetak electric scooter costs Rs. 1.52 lakh.

With the introduction of the Chetak Electric scooter, Bajaj made a comeback in the scooter market. Bajaj was successful in selling over 30,000 copies of the Chetak in India in 2022. That number is projected to double in 2023.

Bajaj Chetak used to come in two variants: Urbane and Premium. Only the Premium variety of Chetak is mentioned in this new type approval form.

The battery's specs are unchanged from before. As before, we're looking at a 50.4 V 57.24 Ah battery. This translates to a battery energy of 2.884 kWh, of which 2.480 kWh are usable. The battery alone is 24.5 kg heavy.

Back in the day, Bajaj was a popular option in the scooter market. After discontinuing the Kristal DTSi 95cc in 2023, Bajaj has no representation in the ICE scooter market.

Coming Soon: 2023 Bajaj Chetak Electric Scooter with 18 Km More Range