Devot Electric Motorcycle Launches with 200-Kilometer Range and 120-Kilometer Top Speed

Devot Motors is a maker of electric motorcycles with background in the British and Indian automotive and design technology industries.

- Speed - up to 120 kmph - Range - up to 200 km on Single Charge - Keyless On and Off  - Anti-Theft Security

- LFP Battery Pack - Smart BMS - Temperature Control - Recharge via Energy Regeneration

- Full Charge in 3 Hours (Approx.) - Smart Charger & 60 kms range in 1 hour - On-Board Charger (Charge Anywhere) - Over Charging Protection

Manufacturer of electric motorcycles having background in the British and Indian automotive and design industries.

The goal is to create an affordable electric motorcycle with a focus on technology, creativity, and quality while also addressing climate change issues.

By lowering pollutants, emissions, and harmful effects on human health, DEVOT aspires to significantly and directly help to resolving the effects of climate change.

CEO and Co-Founder: Coventry University graduate with over 14 years of expertise in a variety of industries who is a passionate, perceptive software consultant.

Founder, CTO & CO An Automotive Engineer with a passion for engineering and upcoming technological developments graduated from Coventry University in the UK.