e-Alfa Mini

Mahindra E-Alfa mini price is Rs 1.26 - 1.28 Lakh 

e-Alfa Mini is powered by a 120Ah battery, a powerful motor and controller of 1kW

Number of Tyre: 3 Body Option: Fuliy Bulit Power: 2 hp Fuel Type: Electric

Engine: Brushless DC motor 1000 W Max Speed: 25 KMPH Max Torque: 3.2 NM

Cubic Capacity: 1200 Features: Automatic Maximum Run: 85-90km

E Alfa Mini is Mahindra's all-electric passenger auto-rickshaw

It is a battery powered, pollution free vehicle that comes in powered by a 120 Ah battery 

Mahindra now presents the new Electric Alfa. Packed with stylish looks and powerful features, it also promises you more earnings 

Backed by a lineage of proven, tough and rugged vehicles, Mahindra now presents the new Electric Alfa.