Everyone enjoys the quiet and comfort of a Volvo 7900 Electric.

Passenger capacity No. of passengers : 95-150-145 As Per Model

Charging  : Roof charging: OppCharge and panto up (roof-mounted pantograph), max charge power (kW)

Steering: Electrically powered hydraulic steering Volvo Dynamic Steering as option

Brake systems : Volvo disc brakes Electronic Braking System (EBS5)

Volvo has the industry’s strongest reputation for safety innovations.

Two all-electric bus models are now available from Volvo Buses: the conventional 12m 7900 Electric and its 18m articulated variant..

With the addition of the new 18 and 18.7 metre long Volvo 7900 Electric, there is now a full lineup of hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and all-electric vehicles.

You may obtain clean, safe, silent, and sustainable public transportation with the Volvo 7900 Electric bus line. With regard to services.

Volvo 7900 Electric Bus Price in India is INR 79,000,000 (US$1,000,000).