Battery and Electric Motor 

Battery Pack Rating 200Ah Electric Motor 3-ph, AC induction


Top Speed (km/hr) : 60 Battery Range (kms) 112* (Passenger Van)/ 115* (Cargo Van)

Lithium Ion Batteries 

The eSupro comes with a 72V battery pack of long-life, maintenance-free lithium-ion batteries. 

Direct Drive Transmission 

Direct drive transmission with a single speed gearbox and sophisticated speed management of the motor allows you to cruise through traffic effortlessly without shifting gears. 

Home Charging 

Charging the eSupro is as simple as charging your mobile phone. Just plug it into a 15 amp plug point and get a   0-100% charge in just 8 hours 30 mins*. 

Benefits of eSupro Range 

eSupro comes in 2 variants that is first of its kind in India: A spacious and secure cargo van and a stylish comfortable 8-seater passenger van. 

Benefits of eSupro  

Emergency feature gives 7 kms of extra range once you are out of charge to reach the nearest charging point.  

Benefits of eSupro  

Advancement of technology has enabled us to combat pollution in multiple ways. Now we have greener and cleaner alternatives for the well-being of our environment and health. 

Price of eSupro  

The eSupro, which is priced at Rs 8.45 lakh for the cargo variant and Rs 8.75 lakh for the passenger variant