Electric Royal Enfield Bullet "Photon": peak speed of 112 km/h, no noise, vibration, or oil leaks.

Electric Classic Cars, based in Newtown, is renowned for converting popular iconic cars to electric power, including Minis, Maseratis, and Porsche 911s. This Royal Enfield Photon electric motorcycle is a one-of-a-kind creation.

Photo: Peter Henshaw

About 15.6 horsepower are produced. Although a 14Kw hub motor that is comparable to the one used in Electric Classic Cars promises to have "more than 300Nm," Range is stated to be 128 km, and top speed is 112 km/h.

There will undoubtedly be an electric Royal Enfield, as is previously known. The only question left is when. likely the following year. Many well-known automakers, like Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Triumph, Hero MotoCorp, and others, have debuted electric two-wheelers, but Royal Enfield has not.

The electrified Royal Enfield Photon's engine produces 15.6 horsepower thanks to a water-cooled, 12 kW electric hub motor and a 10 kWh air-cooled Lithium-ion battery pack (provided by LG Chem).

Photo: Peter Henshaw

The frame, suspension, geometry and weight have hardly been changed from  the standard, so the Photon should handle much like the original –  minus the sound and vibrations. It gets a 280mm disc at the front and a  240mm unit at the rear.

For someone with deep money, it would be acceptable given that a fully equipped electric motorcycle like the Harley-Davidson LiveWire costs about £30,000 (about Rs 28.4 lakh). The Photon does, to put it mildly, look good.

The Royal Enfield Photon is a powerful electric motorbike with a top speed of 112 kmph, which is about equivalent to the speed of a standard Bullet 350. It comes with a 7kW charger that claims to complete a full charge in 90 minutes and has a real-world riding range of 130 kilometres.

Photo: Petr Henshaw

For people who adore vintage motorcycles and want to do their part to make the world a cleaner, greener place to live in, the Royal Enfield Photon strikes me as a thought-provoking option.

Last year, Royal Enfield did state that they would soon produce an electric motorcycle. Does the Photon represent an early prototype? Only time will tell.

Photo: Peter Henshaw