The electric mobility revolution is accelerating. When we talk about evolved mobility and how we are making it happen right now, we are just moving forward.

Pony is the company's entry-level electric scooter. The Pony is designed for users searching for a portable, simple-to-use electric scooter, such as students in high school or college. Riding is permitted without a licence or registration.

The waterproof BLDC motor on the ICAT-certified electric scooter "Pony" can provide 250 watts of power. The Pony is a low speed scooter with a range of 90–120 kilometres.

The Pony is available in two different configurations, one with a lead acid battery that requires 8 to 9 hours to charge and the other with a lithium ion battery that charges in 3 to 4 hours. There are several IOT functionalities that can be chosen from.

While the Pony Classic has a 48V/25 Ah lithium ion battery, the Pony EZ has a 48V/28 Ah VRLA (Lead Acid) battery. The available colours are White, Black, Red, Blue, and Silver.

Evolet has been one of the forerunners in putting electric scooters on Indian roads since the invention of electric scooters in that country.

In India, Evolet is currently selling 3 scooters. The Evolet Pony, which costs Rs. 41,124, is the most affordable model.

According to the latest study, there are 0.66 collisions per million miles driven by electric scooters, which is five times less than the 3.33 collisions per million miles driven by bikes.

Evolet creates and produces a variety of electric vehicles. Currently, it manufactures buses, electric vehicles, quad bikes, mopeds, scooters, and motorbikes.

PONY CLASSIC & EZ.  The Pony is targeted at riders like school or college goers