Comfort Speed (LX) Hero Eddy

Comfort speed variant with max speed of 25km/hr. 

Ex-showroom Price ₹ 72,000

Improve your ride quality with telescopic Suspension. It is built to assure a smooth and jerk free ride. 

Get all information about your bike with the modern and stylish digital instrument cluster.

Connect your vehicle through Bluetooth to Lock and unlock your vehicle or use your handlebar switches to use the same.

Enable rider to maintain a constant desired speed which helps eliminate inconvenience and makes rider more comfortable while riding the scooter. 

Forget charging worries. Charge your device easily by connecting it to the USB port on the go.

Go backward without any hassle especially when you are stuck in tight parking spaces. 

Trouble finding your vehicle? Horn and flasher activation through your mobile app will help you locate your vehicle in the parking lot.