Hop OXO Electric Bike Launched

The starting price for the Oxo electric motorcycle, which will come in two models, is Rs 1.25 lakh, ex-showroom.

Researchers tested a waterproof battery for 30 minutes in water to see if it could address all of these issues.

It resists flames. The battery performed flawlessly during a 70-second test at 400 degrees Celsius.

Recent funding for HOP totaled $2.6 million. Which portion have you allocated to research and development?

Range: 150 km/charge Battery Capacity: 3.75 Kwh Top Speed: 95 kmph Battery Type: Lithium-ion

OXO is designed with the utmost safety in mind. OXO's is a secure, dependable, and sturdy vehicle thanks to its rugged frame, double disc combi braking system, and mobile-connected features like Anti-theft warnings and geo-fencing.

Hop OXO redefines the motorcycle riding experience with a ride so smooth that you'll think you're riding an air carpet thanks to its cutting-edge 72 V "eFlow electric powertrain." Not a sound. There are none. Zero pollution

Indian ergonomics are built into a muscular design that is inspired by nature. Hop OXO is the ideal daily companion for you.

The top manufacturer of electric scooters with battery charging is Hop Electric in India.