Odysse Evoqis electric sportsbike

The Odysse Evoqis is a made-in-India product and the nation's first sportsbike powered by electricity. Through 11 dealerships, it is offered throughout the nation.

In India, the Odysse Evoqis electric commuter bike has a starting price of Rs. 1,71,250. It comes in 5 different colours and 1 variation.

Odysse Electric Evoqis has a top speed of 80 kmph.

Rated Power: 3000 W Kerb Weight: 150 kg Riding Range: 140 Km Top Speed: 80 Kmph

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Get the true excitement and exhilaration of a long, smooth, pollution-free drive in the future.

The automatic transmission of the Odysse Evoqis motorcycle features four modes: City Drive, Parking, Sports, and Reverse. Its top speed is 80 kmph.

Battery type: Li-ion Battery capacity: 4.32 KW Charging time: 6 Hour

Considering purchasing an electric bike? premium lithium-ion electric bikes by Odysse called Evoqis.