The innovative and reassuring MIHOS is a smart e-bike that is designed for the unbreakable and available in a variety of colours.

Range-130km/charge Motor Power-1500 W Motor Type-BLDC Charging Time-5 - 5.5 hours

Braking Type-Combi Brake System ( Hydraulic disc brake) Charging Point-Yes Speedometer-Digital

Chassis type-Tubular Monocoque Front Suspension-Telescopic Rear Suspension-Reversible spring

Rode heedlessly. This awesome function aids with travel planning based on available power.

Smart BMS CAN based battery, CAN based smart charger, CAN based smart charger, CAN based instrument cluster, CAN based controller, CAN based IOT & VCU

Max Speed-70 kmph Max Troque-250NM Gradability-10.2 degree Max Acceleration 0-40kmph7 sec & 1.5m/s2

Use your phone to start the ignition. This enables you to intelligently and remotely control your e-ignition. bike's

Joy e-bike scooters in India comes in the price range of Rs. 77,400 to Rs. 1.49 Lakh.

This electric scooter was meticulously planned! In addition to being technologically advanced, Gen Next Nanu has a modern finish that guarantees a chic appearance.