Lexus RZ 450e-the First Pure Battery EV for Global Markets 

Lexus offers three types of electrified vehicles: hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and all-electric 

All-electric Lexus vehicles blend environmentally responsible power with thrilling precision and expertly designed interiors.

The RZ will be the first all-electric model from Lexus and a brand-new addition to the portfolio for 2023.

Never again fill up. These totally electric cars offer astonishing acceleration, thrilling all-wheel drive agility, and a range of long-distance battery packs.

It can be charged using a dedicated higher-speed (Level 2) charger or a typical domestic GFCI outlet..

The precise design of Lexus vehicles creates a unique bond between the driver and the vehicle.

Instead of AC electricity, or alternating current. DC Fast Chargers are now restricted to public charging facilities.

Lower general servicing and maintenance expenses are anticipated to be another advantage of fully electric Lexus automobiles. 

Enhanced fuel efficiency and potentially lower maintenance costs are only the beginning.