Kia EV6 - The Electric car 

Amazing design - The sleek and modern appearance of this EV makes it look stunning.

Optimal steering heft/feedback, balanced handling, little body roll, and grip

Brakes: Strong bite, gives you confidence, and they make braking down from full speed straightforward.

Sporty: The vehicle performs instantly and relentlessly at all speeds (0–100 km/h in 5.2 seconds).

Range is promising; according to Kia, the EV6 can go 528 kilometres on a single charge.

There is no doubt that the Kia EV6 has the potential to be a halo EV product and that it is a very amazing product from Kia Motors.

₹ 60.95 Lakh Avg. Ex-Showroom price

Ultra-Fast Charging  

Kia EV6 2023: The fully electric Kia EV6 car price starts @ ₹ 60.95 lakh.