Kinetic Green provides electric three-wheelers for both passengers and freight.

Green Safar Giant Loader from Kinetic, with a maximum range of 80–100 km and a loading capacity of 500 kg

The most effective method to assist you with business logistics is with this electric three-wheeler! It can also be modified in accordance with your company's needs.

It shows to be roomy enough for efficient and secure cargo transit with a float area of 150 cubic feet.

As little as 70p per km. suitable for last-mile pickups and transfers.

Lithium Ion Battery are eligible for 3 years* warranty under FAME II Demand Incentive.

Including the weight of the driver and the luggage box, it can support 500 kg of weight.

These suspensions assist you in maintaining vehicle stability while combating jerky bumps, protecting the calibre of the cargo being carried.

– Length: 3272 mm – Width: 1356 mm – Height: 2276 mm

60,000 to Rs. 3 Lakh depending on its features and brand.