Kinetic Green Buggies, which emit no carbon, are ideal for usage in environmentally sensitive areas..

The wide spaces of upscale hotels, resorts, hospitals, and airports necessitate the use of flexible ways for the transportation of people, commodities, food, and beverages, among other things.

Kinetic Buggies rightly fits the bill. Its advanced human engineering  gives you a relaxed, comfy ride, along the pleasant breeze of thoughts.

Kinetic Green Electric Buggy at Rs 87,0000/piece .The golf carts are being manufactured in association with Italy's Tonino Lamborghini.

With a maximum passenger capacity of 14, it offers the flexibility and convenience needed to transport several passengers.

Buggies from Trojan, USA, use cutting-edge deep-cycle batteries that can handle the most difficult, hilly terrain..

Any major campus, whether it be a business or industrial building, a sizable township, or an academic campus, Railway Platform necessitates a practical and comfortable mode of transportation.

   28 Km*    Max Speed    14 Seater*    Passenger Capacity    80 Km*    Per Charge    8 Hours*    Charging Time

Kinetic Green Buggies are zero carbon emission buggies that are pleasant, practical, and offer a variety of commute options!

The advantages of buggies include their wide range of passenger capacity options, zero carbon output, ease of electric operation, and luxury ride.