The Kinetic Zing HSS has a top speed of 60 KMPH and a range of 120 KM.

– 120 Km*Per Charge – 03 Years*of Warranty – 3 Hours*For Full Charge – 60V 28Ah*Dual Battery

It includes a multipurpose remote key that makes rides both simpler and nicer.

It serves as a vehicle guide, showing the trip metre, battery level, part-failure, and parking and ready indicators.

The batteries are easily charged at home because they are detachable. The battery is a lithium-ion one and charges quickly in 3–4 hours*.

The Kinetic Zing HSS includes a remote key with four controls: a lock/unlock button, a find my scooter alert, and an anti-theft alarm.

– Range: 120 km per charge* – Motor: 1.2 KW – Controller: Sinewave – Wheel Size: 3*10 inche – Ground Clearance: 160 mm – Braking System: Disc

There are three speed settings on the speed switch: normal, eco, and power. Depending on the situation, it is simple to move between several modes.

There's no need to wait for your phones to charge. Mobile phone charging is possible!

BaThe rocky roads are met by the hydraulic shock absorbers, which also contribute to smooth and comfortable rides. In fact, this scooter is "#MadeForEveryone."