Kinetic Zoom Electric scooter offers future-led design with its high-end features and technology. 

– 100 Km*Per Charge – 03 Years*of Warranty – 3 Hours*For Full Charge – 60V 28Ah*Battery

An integrated cruise control switch is included with the Kinetic Zoom Electric scooter. It can be used without a licence or registration.

This feature, which is typically present on four-wheelers, allows one to maintain a constant pace without having to continuously depress the accelerator.

Telescopic suspension is used in the front, while three-step coil spring adjustable suspension is used in the back.

The battery levels, part failure, trip metre, ready and parking indicators are all indicated by it as a vehicle guide.

There's no need to wait for your phones to charge. Mobile phone charging is possible! 

The remote key for Kinetic Zoom has four controls: a lock/unlock button, a find my scooter alert, and an anti-theft alarm.

– Range: 80 km* per charge for 60V 22Ah Battery – Range: 100 km* per charge for 60V 28Ah Battery – Motor: 250 W – Controller: Sinewave

– Wheel size: 3*10 inche – Ground Clearance: 160 mm – Braking system: Disc – Tyres: Tubele – Loading capacity: 150 kg