Auto-Balancing Scooter Everything you imagined your next ride to be and beyond

Liger X – 65 kmph top speed – Auto-balancing (2 Riders upto 150 kg) – RealLifeCityRange of 60 km – Detachable batterie – LCD Display

Liquid cooled batterie Cell Balancing, Thermal run away protection Built for Indian Condition Robust Battery Management System (BMS)

FootFreeStop –Ride stress free, no matter how bad the traffic. – ReverseRide – Reverse like a car. No more backpedaling when you need to reverse. – Learn2Ride – Mode specially engineered for new rider

Never use your phone while riding. An intuitive display provides all the information you require regarding your ride, including directions, incoming calls, and the locations of the closest charging stations.

Front Disk Brake

Colored Digital Meter

Push Type Pillion Footrest

Detachable Battery

Additionally to offering impact protection, the self-balancing scooter facilitates simple movement.