Ola S1 and S1 Pro electric scooters' deliveries May be delayed

Is electric Ola scooter is good?

Introduces the future of mobility


OLA Electric recently LAUNCHED the new S1 and S1 PRO ELECTRIC SCOOTERS in the Indian market




Powerful 8500W electric motor

Top Speed: 90 Kmph

From 0 to 40 in Just 3 seconds

Dashed Trail
Dashed Trail

High on features & Savings

Ola S1 Costs about 43% Lesser to own Compared to other leading petrol scooter brands.


Ola Electric S1 and S1 Pro scooters ready for delivery

Ola electric scooter rides will soon be available in 1000 cities.

The company said it sold Rs 600 crore units in one day, which is nearly four scooters per second according to CEO Aggarwal

Ola Electric scooters

Dashed Trail

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Ola electric scooter in India