NEW OLA S1 ARAI / TRUE RANGE 141 / 128 km ₹99,999 

For  ₹499, reserve the S1's feature-rich model. includes a 95 kmph top speed, music, a 141 km certified range, and other amenities.


Battery Capacity: 4 kWh Motor Power: 8500 Range: 181 km/charge Motor: Mid Drive IPM

The cost of the Ola S1 ranges from Rs. 99,999 to Rs. 1.39 Lakh. Ola S1 is available in two variants: STD and S1 Pro, which is the highest model.

Investing $500 million in the construction of Bangalore's Battery Innovation Center (BIC), one of the largest and most modern cell R&D facilities in the world, will house over 500 engineers.

Photo: Ola Website

The Ola Scooter, which received the German Design Award 2020, enjoys widespread acclaim for its inventiveness, sustainability, and superior design.

The Ola Scooter has received the German Design Award 2020, a mark of distinction in design, innovation, and sustainability.

A voyage across the terrain in the Himachal Pradesh Himalayas was started by 15 Ola scooters. The nation's strongest and most aggressive men are the riders.

Pillion passengers will adore how pleasant their ride is thanks to the strong grab rail for safety, the side step, and the contoured seating.

The new Ola Electric Scooter has excellent performance, and it charges quickly. Additionally, it boasts an outstanding top-spec model range of nearly 180 kilometres. It will undoubtedly provide more than 120 kilometres of range under real-world circumstances as well, which is fantastic.