मेट्रो फीडर, भारी यातायात भीड़ और स्टाफ परिवहन के लिए सबसे उपयुक्त

Olectra Ebus K9 is the finest option for connectivity services at airports. Passengers can enjoy a quiet, pleasant trip on the electric bus K9.

An industry pioneer in the production of electric buses is Olectra Greentech Ltd (A Group Company of MEIL).

The greatest option for airport connectivity services is Olectra Ebus K9. Passengers can ride in comfort and silence on the electric bus K9. 

A corporate release read, "Olectra Greentech Ltd (OLECTRA) has received the biggest ever order in its history for 2,100 electric buses from BEST."

High-performance, flagship electric buses created for India economical, cosy, and low-maintenance

The development of innovative solutions for society has ushered in a new era as a result of Olectra's commitment to environmental support.

40 electric buses from Olectra Greentech are already in use in Mumbai, a metropolis with a population of almost 27 million.

Full charging from -100°C SOC is possible with high power AC charging in 2 to 3 hours. No reliance on commercial charging stations means significant savings on the purchase and maintenance of charging stations.

In order to assure the highest level of safety and reliability, BYD has invested billions of dollars in the research, development, and manufacture of the iron-phosphate battery.