Tata Passenger Electric Mobility's AVINYA Concept represents a significant step towards the development of the next generation of electric cars.

The AVINYA Concept presents a brand-new mobility typology that is unconstrained by conventional segmentation and allows for enormous roominess and comfort.

Ziptron technology gleefully receives a score of zero. Not a sound. There are none. likewise no pollution.

The moniker AVINYA is derived from the Sanskrit word for innovation.

The AVINYA Concept emphasises a human-centered design and offers a unique sensory experience.

The AVINYA Concept is an uncompromising vision for electric mobility that was initially influenced by a catamaran.

– Furthermore, envisaging a future trend, this concept is designed to believe that lesser screen time is the way to go.

Additionally, it serves as a credo and emphasises the Horizon and limitless opportunities that Gen 3 electrification will present.

– The AVINYA Concept stands for empathetic mobility, a machine that is engineered to be smart, spacious, sustainable yet techy.

A New Range Of Electric Vehicles