The Tata 4/12m Low Entry Electric Bus is the first vehicle with a fully electric drivetrain, and it was created and built by Tata Motors. It is a cutting-edge modern solution to urban transportation needs.

Clean air is ensured with a fully electric drivetrain with zero emissions. Drive without becoming tired by changing gears or using the clutch. spacious spaces that can be altered to meet the needs and restrictions.

Enhanced security and safety thanks to the Intelligent Transport System (ITS).

Seating Capacity : 35+ Driver +Wheel chair & options as per request   Max. Speed :70-75 km/h  Range :> 200 kms & scalable as per requirements.  

Motor : Integrated Motor Generator Max Power – 245 KW  HV Battery : Lithium-ion Battery Pack ( ~ 250 KWH and Scalable as per the range requirements)  Fast Charging :Yes (2 to 3 Hrs full charge) 

– Stylized interior and exterior with LED headlamps, plush interior lighting – Utility provisions like charging ports, Wi-Fi hotspot for on-the-go connectivity – Regenerative braking for high efficiency

Tata Urban 9/12m Electric bus - The newly designed Electric Bus satisfies the demand for a cleaner public transportation vehicle with zero emissions and noiseless operations.

In order to modernise urban transportation, minimise pollution, and offer improved amenities for passengers, such as greater safety and comfort, ease of boarding for the elderly and children, Tata Motors is promoting electric buses.

Audio announcements and destination boards are included in the passenger information system. LED headlamps and luxurious interior illumination give the interior and external style.

The newly created Electric Bus satisfies the need for a cleaner public transportation vehicle with zero emissions and silent operation.