Startups in the manufacturing, retail, battery-swapping, and software services sectors of the electric car value chain are upending the established order in the auto sector.

Business   : Electric-scooter manufacturer USP  : Disrupted the electric 2-wheeler  market by providing economical 2-wheeler alternatives having best possible feature

Total Funding :$307.0 M

Legal Name  Ola Electric Mobility Private Limited Headquarters  : Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Business   : Electric-scooter manufacturer USP  The Vertical Integrated System of production (various components are manufactured by company’s own self instead of getting it produced from some other vendor) 

Total Funding :$126.0 M

Legal Name  Ola Electric Mobility Private Limited  Headquarters  : Ather Energy Private Limited 

Business   : Battery swapping solutions  ‘Pay-as-you-go’ system                          USP  ‘Pay-as-you-go’ system for  battery usage 

Total Funding :$34.0 M

Legal Name  Bangalore, Karnataka, India  Headquarters  :

Business   : Smart and scalable energy delivery ecosystem for Evs                                                                USP  Expertise both in hardware and software                                      

Total Funding :$

Legal Name  ABB Technology Ventures  Headquarters   India 

Business   : On-demand electric auto-rickshaw booking platform                                                                 USP  India's first and largest electric mobility service, offering first & last mile connectivity  

Total Funding :$19.5 M

Legal Name  Treasure Vase Venture Private Limited  Headquarters  New Delhi,Delhi, India 

Business   : micro-mobility platform (Renting and leasing of electric cycles and electric 2-wheelers)                                 USP  Affordable solution for urban traffic  

Total Funding :$20.0 M

Legal Name  Yulu Bikes Pvt Limited  Headquarters  Bengaluru,Karnataka, India 

Business   : Provider of urban electric transportation solutions                                 USP  India's first zero-emission service, with its own fleets of Electric Vehicles (EVs) and associated charging infrastructure                

Total Funding :$19.3 M

Legal Name  Lithium Urban Technologies Pvt. Ltd.  Headquarters  Bengaluru,Karnataka, India 

Business   : zero-emission ridehailing service and ev fast charging network.                                                                         USP most preferred ride hailing service and platform in Delhi NCR                                                  

Total Funding :$42. M

Legal Name  Blu-Smart Mobility Pvt. Ltd.  Headquarters  Mumbai, Maharashtra , India 

Business   : bike-sharing startup that offers customers a last-mile commute option                        USP Drop the scooter at your desired destination thus improving last mile connectivity                                                   

Total Funding :$214. 2M

Legal Name  Wickedride Adventure Services Pvt Ltd  Headquarters  Bengaluru,Karnataka, India