An indigenous smart electric two-wheeler with a range of roughly 400 kilometres on a single charge has been created by Vioma Motors.

The most intelligent electric scooter currently available, the Thunderbolt-E1, is ergonomically designed and loaded with built-in functions to light up your day.

 Spaceframe Chassis is designed to give outstanding strength while being incredibly light weight and was inspired by spacecraft body structures.

Clad in mirror black, the front fascia has an integrated smart screen along its whole border.

Our Adaptive LED Headlights, which are designed to illuminate the important areas across the road, will make your nights as clear as day. Also, it naturally lessens glare from oncoming traffic.

Stop slipping and sliding. By maintaining a smooth ride no matter how bumpy the road becomes, the Regenerative Braking System with ABS ensures that you stop precisely every time.

Dual Rear Coil Springs in conjunction with Dual Front Telescopic Forks, designed to provide the smoothest rides over the roughest routes.

CHARGING SYSTEM Self charge generation and Inbuilt charger

Gaining momentum from all of the bumps and turns in your trip. Beware, riders! Thunderbolt will enthral you from the inside out because to its improved speed, performance, and riding dynamics.

Performance comes in two flavours: standard and power packed. Use our BOLT DRIVE to feel the rush of power.