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Ampere EV By Greaves Electric Mobility – Electric Scooters In India

Greaves Electric Mobility Private Limited, which makes EV scooters with Ampere as its name, sold 7,500 units last month. The EV firm now makes electric scooters, sold under Ampere Vehicles, electric cars under the name Ele, and rickshaws electric vehicles under the name Teja.

An EV maker, Ampere Vehicles has partnered with Greaves Cotton, a diverse engineering company. Coimbatore-based Ampere Vehicles has partnered with Greaves Cotton, a multidisciplinary engineering firm, for growth across multiple regions of India. Greaves Cotton Limiteds electric mobility arm, Ampere Vehicles, said Friday that Ampere Vehicles has acquired a strategic stake in L5 E-3W maker MLR Automotive.

Magnus EX
Magnus EX

Greaves Cotton is the owner of the popular electric car maker, Ampere Electric; Ampere Electric announced it will set up dealerships for its electric cars in Nepal. Through this specialized Electric Vehicle Store, Greaves Electric Mobility is committed to bringing all things related to EVs under a single roof, as well as providing and selling a range of Multi-Brand Electric Mobility Solutions by Ampere Electric, along with other brands of electric 2 Wheeler & 3 Wheeler vehicles available in the market, offering customers clear delivery of Choice, Convenience, and Unique Experience. Through this dedicated electric vehicle store, Greaves Electric Mobility aims to bring everything related to EVs under one roof and provide and sell multi-brand electric mobility solutions from Ampere Electric as well as other electric 2-Wheelers and 3-Wheelers brands in the market with clear deliverables- wider Choice, Convenience and unique Experience to customers. Greaves has recently acquired Best Way, an electric tricycle firm, and MLR Auto, which manufactures electric tricycles, as well as established an e-car finance facility through NBFC, Greaves Finance. Greaves Electric manufactures Ampere electric scooters, tricycles (Ele), and e-rickshaws (Teja).

Ampere Vehicles, Coimbatore, specialises in designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing battery-electric vehicles for personal transport, industrial purposes, and materials transport, such as three-wheeled electric vehicles, and e-cycles, two-wheeled electric vehicles, and customized electric vehicles. Under the brand namesĀ  Reo, Zeal, and Ampere-EX currently offer three different types of electric scooters.

Ampere Vehicles, which is headquartered in Coimbatore, markets various types of electric scooters across India, offering warranties ranging from one year to three years, and has a strong service network after-sales, comprising more than 300 retail outlets for Ampere products, as well as more than 5,000 aftermarket outlets. The Ampere Reo Elite is the most impactful of the electric scooters that are available at an initial price point of Rs 43,000 in India. Ampere Vehicles India is a twelve-year-old electric two-wheeler maker focusing on affordable, entry-level electric scooters. Ampere Vehicles plans to conquer India with its range of electric scooters, thanks to the massive amount of support and encouragement.

Ampere Magnus EX

Under electric 2-wheelers, Ampere brands itself as the fastest-growing brand of e-scooters in the country. Ampere has finally developed, designed, and manufactured specifications for the production of the highly sought-after premium electric scooter series. Ampere is proud of being one of the fastest-growing EV brands, having a presence both in the B2C and B2B markets, with the portfolio making the manufacturer competitive across several segments. Earlier in August, Ampere reached a milestone customer base of 1 lakh electric vehicles across more than 400 cities across the country.

Commenting on the rollout, Roy Kurian, chief operating officer, Ampere Electric said, Customers, are looking for a more convenient mode of transportation because the cost of gasoline has significantly reduced the savings of daily 2W commuters. High production and input costs have so far led to a drop in EV sales, but the industry is expecting a rise in demand over the next few years.

Nagesh A Basavanhalli, Managing Director & Group Managing Director, Greaves Cotton Limited, said, Ampere has been a trusted brand for pragmatic mass mobility buyers looking for an affordable, reliable solution that is simplified for everyday use. Engineering firm Greaves Cotton Ltd is one of a few mainstream manufacturing companies betting on the emerging electric car makers.

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Ampere Electric, an electric two-wheeler brand within Greaves Electric Mobility, has expanded Ampere Electric’s popular Magnus range by adding a new Magnus EX. From the sleek looks, the comfortable ride, and comfortable driving experience to the ease of operation, the GenerationZ is coming out in force in embracing electric vehicles with the Ampere Magnus. Ampere announced its Magnus Pro in the Indian electric vehicle market, and a buzz is starting to set among teenagers. Ampere was among the first brands in India to launch the flagship model Ampere Magnus Virtually, amid a pandemic, through the exclusive Virtual Reality Experience, and it was loved by GenZers and Millennials.

It has around 150 dealers spread across 14 states of India; the company claims to have sold over 35,000 EVs. Ampere Electric is the first choice of customers looking for an affordable, eco-friendly mobility option because of the scooters’ capability to travel longer distances and ensure continuous travel to sightseeing spots on one charge.

Ampere Electric says that Collaborate will enable customers to take home the electric 2-wheeler in a convenient leasing arrangement in 48 hours following a fast paperwork process.


This is a significant milestone for developing an eco-system for the two-wheeler and three-wheeler electric vehicles in India, an exchange statement said Thursday. Greaves Electric Mobility has strengthened its foothold as the market leader across the E-2W and E-3W segments, it said, with Ampere reporting record revenues of nearly six times as much in December 2021 compared with the same month a year ago, while E-3W operations have seen 101 percent volume growth.

Due to increased subsidies, Ampere Zeal Electric Scooter prices have been reduced in Bangalore to Rs.59,990 (ex-disposal), while Ampere Magnus Pro Electric Scooter prices have been reduced to Rs.65,990 (ex-disposal). The more-prized Ampere Zeal scooter has a 1.8-kilowatt-hour battery pack, and the total subsidy for Zeal-EX now stands at Rs.65,999. Coimbatore-based Ampere Vehicles manufactures electric bikes, scooters, 3-wheelers, and specially-built vehicles for persons with disabilities.

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