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Ather 450x Honest Reviews

Is Ather 450X worth the price?

Since electric vehicles in India are subject to several different subsidies and incentives, it becomes difficult to know what the real price is. Meanwhile, the price in other cities can vary and costs around 1.6 lakhs

Until September 2021, all customers will be able to charge completely free of charge through Ather Grid, after which you have to pay for the charge based on the charge you charge for the scooter. Ather Evergy provides household charging points (Ather Dot), a 3-year battery warranty, and a 3-year warranty for the Ather 450X scooter. The Ather Dot Home charging system can charge the Ather 450X electric scooter from 0% to 80% in 3 hours and 35 minutes, and has a built-in automatic shutdown and overvoltage protection system.

In addition, you can remotely check the charging status of the scooter, locate it and get all riding details through the Ather mobile app. Only available for Ather Connect Pro subscriptions, you will be able to view the current battery level, charging status, and estimated time to fully charge the scooter. It is powered by the Ather Grid app, which allows electric vehicle owners to find and check the availability of nearby sites in real-time.

ather 450x Ather 450x is currently available in 12 cities in India (Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Kochi, Kozhikode, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Coimbatore, and Jaipur) in India, and the Bengaluru-based company is now expanding its network.    

Right now in the Indian market, the Ather 450x is one of the best electric scooters with efficient and improved performance. While the Ather 450x is an expensive product, it is the best electric scooter that will save you a lot of money in the long run over the increase in fuel prices without sacrificing quality and performance. Bottom line, if you’re missing out on minor fit and finish discrepancies, the Ather 450X is a product that can easily replace a gas-powered scooter if you have the patience to plan your day accordingly.    

The 450X is priced at 1.61 million (exhibition hall in Pune), which seems out of reach for most scooter users, but looking at Athers’ unique financial plan, you will find that owning one is not that difficult. In addition, in the long run, Ather claims that even at this price point, you will ultimately save money in terms of fuel and maintenance compared to gasoline-powered scooters. Ather Energy proves that the price of this electric scooter is reasonable by providing the best range per charge, IP-67 water resistance, and the most advanced 7-inch LCD smart dashboard. If you are looking for a sports scooter suitable for regular urban commuting and meet the adrenaline surge guaranteed by other powerful scooters and bicycles, then the Ather 450X EV scooter is a perfect choice.  

Ather 450x Price  

After all, they range in price from 60,000 to 1.5 lakhs (which is Ather’s cost, by the way) or even more. With the 450x, Ather moves to the plus-sign scooter buying model. Ather Service Lite (Rs 944 quarterly / Rs 2,832 annually) takes care of routine maintenance, performance and supplies, punctures, power outages, and roadside assistance, covering pretty much everything you need to keep your scooter up and running for a long time.    

This includes a 2.6 kWh lithium-ion battery that is connected to an electric motor and can generate 6 kW / 28 Nm of power every 116 kilometers. Compared with the 450, the new X now uses a larger lithium-ion battery that can produce 2.9 kilowatt-hours of power, while the electric motor can now produce 6 kilowatts (from 5.4 kilowatts), which is equivalent to 8 horsepower. The maximum torque is 26 Nm. The engine produces 6 kW of peak power (from 5.4 kW).    

Speaking of which, the 450X comes with four driving modes, namely Eco, Ride, Sport, and Warp, and their real-time performance and range is something I’ll get to shortly. In Ride mode, the 450X is a good option for day-to-day use that can replace a gas-powered scooter for city use, but I personally prefer Sport mode. The 450X is designed for the average passenger who will drive it mainly for work and general city entertainment.    

Ather 450x – Super Scooter

They call it a “super scooter” and they are not far from the goal. The fact that electric scooters are not going anywhere is an understatement. The fact that not only startups like Ather, but also traditional manufacturers like Bajaj and TVS want a piece of this delicious cake has caused quite a stir in the electric two-wheeler space.    

What works in Athers’ favor in the 450X is its unique style, trim levels, and technology. It also delivers fast acceleration from 0-40 km / h (0-25 mph) in 3.3 seconds. The Ather 450X electric scooter has a certified range of 116 kilometers on a single charge and 85 kilometers of real range on a single charge.   

The Ather 450X smart electric scooter is one of the most advanced electric scooters in India, produced by Ather Energy India. Ather 450X is more like an owning experience and will definitely change your view of electric scooters in India. Although we and many others praised the Ather 450 as one of the best electric scooters on the market, the company did not stop there. 

We have always said that Ather Energy has a good idea and the 450X confirms this claim as a quality product made in India. In early January 2020, Ather launched the 450x and 450 Plus models, which are essentially the same scooter but have advanced features and improved battery technology. The first scooters produced by Ather were the S340 and S450, released in June 2018.    

So much so that even Ather themselves could not decide how to accurately estimate the price of the scooter before launch. When you read this, you will need a block diagram to understand how to buy Ather. Switch to this and you will see why Ather is one of the best in the business.   

Final Verdict 

Although all EVs have excellent acceleration performance, thanks to their instant torque, they can take things to a new level with better adjustments and more power. But using a 6 kW electric motor, Ather 450X provides faster acceleration than other electric scooters of the same size.    

Using the Ather fast-charging device, the scooter can be charged from 0% to 80% in 3 hours and 35 minutes, but without it…Oh my God, it takes 5 hours to charge from 0% to 80% from a normal socket. 25 minute. The fast charger can charge the scooter at a speed of 1.5 km/min (up to 80% charge), so 10 minutes of fast charging is enough to provide a range of 15 km. In our test, it takes about 90 minutes to fully charge the Ather Grid.    

Other figures show that most people charge at home, while small short charges from public chargers should cover any contingencies. Ather will install its own fast-charging stations in every new city, but we need more charging stations to make them appear organically in public places. Yes, a temporary plan isn’t entirely possible yet, but once Ather installs its fast charging Grid, that too will be a problem in the past. 

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