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Why Mayuri E-Rickshaw Is An Outstanding Electric Rickshaw In India?

And What Is So Special About Mayuri E-Rickshaw?

Electric rickshaws are quite popular in India since they are a cost-effective mode of transportation for daily journeys. Because it is commonly used in India, the E Rickshaw market has seen an increase in demand. In India, the two-wheeler category is more popular than the three-wheeler or four-wheeler segments. However, there are still a large number of e-rickshaws on India’s highways. Lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries are used in a lot of electric rickshaws.

All things considered, it’s undeniably true that the E-Rickshaws unrest is acquiring prominence in and around India. The mass reception of electric carts is being driven by unadulterated financial aspects as cart administrators decide on quiet, low support, and minimal expense vehicles. Electric carts are liked over petroleum or manual cycle carts as they give extraordinary business and save human exertion as well. When contrasted with a cycle cart, an electric cart empowers the administrator to give more rides each day, which creates more benefits with less actual exertion.

Why Vijay Kapoor Known as Father of E-Rickshaw in India

Few Words about Mr.Vijay Kapoor – Founder of Mayuri E-Rickshaw

Mr. Vijay Kapoor has a four-decade track record of producing automobile components in India. He has received various honors for his outstanding devotion, dedication, and contribution to society, including the Rajiv Gandhi Ekta Award, Indira Gandhi Priyadarshini Award, and Media Excellence Param Shree.Vijay Kapoor

Mr. Vijay Kapoor is a mechanical engineer who graduated from IIT in 1972. He was a driving force behind the ‘Green Revolution’ and the development of revolutionary products.

Mayuri E-Rickshaw Manufacturers

Albeit the market has seen a huge development in the new past, due to the ascent in ecological mindfulness, government drives, and execution of severe guidelines to check natural corruption.

Most likely, in a couple of years, there has been a huge offer of E-Rickshaws yet, there is an absence of mindfulness about the advantages of E-Rickshaws in the Indian market.

Allow us to examine some central issues regarding the reason why India needs more E-Rickshaws


Undoubtedly, autos have provided us with an incredible existence of solace yet the serious issue is of the contamination brought about by them. Significant vehicles work on petroleum or diesel which raises the contamination level. Be that as it may, E-Rickshaws are battery-worked vehicles and henceforth they are an astounding option in contrast to petroleum/diesel/CNG-driven vehicles which cause contamination. E-Rickshaws work with a battery and they don’t emanate smoke. Consequently, they are non-dirtying and are eco-accommodating.


With petroleum/diesel utilization vehicles, comes the wellbeing issue. Yet, the E-Rickshaws are safer than fuel-working vehicles. They can scarcely objective any mishaps since they are lighter and more slowly than an auto-cart however quicker than a cycle cart.


When contrasted with different sorts of vehicles, E-Rickshaws are very modest and can be effectively managed by an everyday person. For the drivers as well as modest for the travelers as they need to pay fewer vehicle charges when contrasted with the value they pay to go in cycle carts.

Less Maintenance Required:

The E-Rickshaws don’t need lumbering upkeep. E-Rickshaws are more powerful in development when contrasted with cycle carts. You can likewise rapidly get E-Rickshaw spare parts anyplace in India.

Fantastic Source of Livelihood:

E-Rickshaws assist with giving a business to the more fragile areas of the general public which are uninformed and think that it is hard to search for a job. E-Rickshaws give responsibilities to individuals who cannot manage the cost of the greater finish of transportation.

Also separated from this, nowadays the E-Rickshaws accompany state-of-the-art innovation and the top tier highlights. Recently, E-Rickshaw Manufacturers have introduced progressed highlights, for example, twofold skeleton, hardcore stunners, composite wheels, and a metal rooftop with a transporter. Mayuri, being the main maker of E-Rickshaws gives different kinds of E-Rickshaws like Mayuri traveler vehicle, Mayuri Loader, Mayuri School Van, and Mayuri Dustbin Cart.

Consequently, it’s undeniably true that E-Rickshaws are awesome for Indian streets, and for that reason India needs more E-Rickshaws. They could end up being the most ideal way for individuals of India to slice their toxin emanations and assume liability for their nearby air quality.

Technical specification (General)


Type Brushless DC Motor
Max Power 1200 Watt
Voltage 48 V


Capacity 50 A, 24 Mosphets
Voltage 48 V


Front 43 mm Telescopic Hydraulic Shockers
Rear Leaf Spring

Tyre Size

Front 3.75-12 mm
Rear 3.75-12 mm


Front Lever Operated, Drum Type
Rear Paddle Operated, Drum Type
Parking Brake Hand Lever Operated, Mechanical Type


Frame High Rigidity Monocoque Type
Wheel Base 2030 MM



Enclosure Aluminum
Dimensions W=150mm, H=85.5mm, D=275mm
Type SMPS with Voltage Fluctuation Protection
AC input connector 2meter length with
3core, 3pin AC plug
DC output connector SB50 connector with 2Core cable
AC Input Voltage – range  170 – 300 VAC
Maximum DC Output Voltage 65V ± 0.5V
Charging Time 8 Hours
OutPut 15 A


Over All Dimensions

Wheel Base 2030 MM
Width 1000 MM
Length 2690 MM
Height 1710 MM
Ground Clearance 200 MM

Data Sources: Website

Please visit the website for details:mayuri-erickshaw.com

Regarding Price and Other details, You can write or call to Mayuri  E-Rickshaw Office.

Email: info@saeraindia.com
Phone: +91- 9560800251

Our Verdict

The investigation has shown that electric power is greatly improved to use as far as outflows, productivity, and functional expenses. In any case, there is a restricted scope of electric vehicles as a result of the adjustment of framework and low mindfulness among the purchasers about these vehicles. There is a huge job of public approach and vehicle showcasing in advancing electric vehicles. As the contamination level keeps on rising, the requirement for E-Rickshaws will keep on rising.

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