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Revolt RV400 Review After Use

Is Revolt RV400 a good bike?

The E-Bike gains smartphone connectivity and can be controlled via the My Revolt app, which has functions such as bike locator, home battery delivery, mobile replacement stations, anti-theft protection, etc. Revolt is also launching a mobile companion app via which you can access many of the connected functions. 

In addition to this, shoppers can use the Revolt app to access features such as geofencing, find the nearest battery replacement station, bike location with guide map, bike diagnostics, etc. It’s a good feature set for any bike in general. but this is just the beginning of what Uprising has to offer. The My Revolt app also offers many other features including geofencing, document storage, ECU updates, payment gateway integration, bike statistics, range information, user ride information, etc. 

Revolt RV400 is a lightweight electric bicycle that can be used as an excellent commuter bike for urban commuting. Revolt is known for providing practical and sporty electric bicycles in India and is more affordable than many other electric car brands. You can also visit one of the Revolt dealers and inspect the bike yourself. 

In addition, Revolt Motors also provides a door-to-door bicycle battery delivery service through the Revolt app, but it is not clear how much this service needs to pay for cyclists. Fortunately, the Revolt program allows home delivery, and if you order through the app, you can deliver a fully charged battery or even a mobile battery truck to you, so you will be happy to know that the actual battery replacement task will not be solved. You have something to worry about. 

You can also change the battery at the nearest Revolt battery changing station. You can charge directly from the wall socket on your bike, or choose to remove the battery and charge as you like. With Revolts’ replaceable battery and matching battery changers, you can replace a fully charged bike battery with a fully charged one in less than a minute. Plugged into a regular three-prong household electrical outlet, it can be charged up to 75% in three hours and fully charged in 4.5 hours. 

Does Revolt RV400 Mileage & Range?

At 0-40 km / h, it is faster than most 150cc gasoline bikes. Cm; makes a buzz, buzz, buzz (can also be changed to the sound of a gasoline bike); and no prepayment is required to purchase it (just pay monthly installments). It’s called the Revolt Intellicorp and their first product was the RV 400, an all-electric motorcycle. It has a decent look, decent range, good handling, and ride comfort while being quite advanced and loaded. With it, you can buy 300 RVs for INR 2999 per month, RV 400 (base model) for INR 3499 per month, and RV 400 (premium) for INR 3999 per month for 37 months.

Interested buyers can pay a prepayment of Rs 1,000 to reserve the bike in advance. We expect Revolt Motors to value the bike at approximately INR 1 lakh when it officially launches in India.

Revolt launched the RV400 electric motorcycle last month. We had the opportunity to test drive it a few weeks ago. This is what we think of the new Revolt RV400 electric motorcycle. Revolt RV400 is a compact bike, it has several attractive elements, these elements undoubtedly make it interesting. 

The first thing you’ll notice is the design of the bike, and the RV 400 does a great job in this regard. With a name like Revolt, you can expect the bike to stand out and it does. However, while it has strength and looks for city driving, the exterior is heavily inspired by a certain Chinese motorcycle.

On the other hand, RV400 is powered by a 3 kW (4 horsepower) engine and provides a cruising range of up to 150 km/charge at a maximum speed of 85 km/h. The bicycle also has three different riding modes: Eco, Normal, and Sport. In the ecological model, the speed of the bicycle can reach 45 km/h, and the cruising range is 156 km. 

The bike has two color options and two options, black and red, and options include a lower one at RUB 1.29.463 and a higher one at RUB 1.47.963. The company currently offers two e-bikes, the RV400 and RV300, aimed at young motorcyclists and middle-aged families. Existing scenarios for electric vehicles include electric buses, cars, motorcycles, and scooters. 

Also in India, several manufacturers have begun taking steps to move to electromobility, and one such manufacturer is Revolt Motors. Electric vehicles are the future of mobility and with the launch of the Revolt RV400, we can see the beginning of the electric era in the Indian two-wheeler industry. The release of the Revolt RV400 and RV300 electric motorcycles has generated a lot of interest and also raised a lot of questions from you. Revolt Motors just announced India’s first RV 400 commercial electric bike at an event in New Delhi.

Continuing this trend, Revolt Intellicorp today launches the RV400 and RV 300 in India. Launched about two years ago, Revolt bikes have achieved success thanks to their increased practicality with better power delivery and a wide enough range to ride in everyday situations. 

REVOLT RV400 Price

The Revolt bike is the first motorcycle equipped with an artificial intelligence system that tracks when the battery is almost exhausted and when it is best to charge it. Revolt is also the first company to provide motorcycle gasoline engine sound for electric bicycles. The Revolt RV 400 electric bicycle looks like a Super Soco TS electric motorcycle. Revolt rv400 price as follows.

The Revolt RV 400 is the company’s flagship electric motorcycle as it also sells a scaled-down version of the RV 400 called the Revolt RV 300. With the recent revision of GST rates and the added benefits of FAME II subsidies, the company has priced INR 1,29,463 (former showroom), but even at this cost, the RV400 is nothing more than expensive equipment to invest in and still needs some minor improvements to prove its viability. Revolt offers many possibilities with the RV400 and RV300, but the company is new to the market and has yet to establish itself and earn its credibility. Riding a motorcycle instead of an electric scooter will definitely help him establish his personality and stand out from the crowd, and to be honest, he also deserves all the enthusiasm that surrounds him.

Our Verdict On Revolt RV400

When it comes to handling, there is nothing to complain about, and it performs just like a typical light bike. Also, the brakes feel woody, they lack sharpness and feedback, and no, it’s not because of the bike’s weight, but surprisingly the Revolt did a great job of keeping it low. A small kart track told us that the bike is maneuverable thanks to good leverage on the handlebars, which means the RV 400 should have enough zip through city traffic. large bikes, they turned out to be unusually tenacious. 

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