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What Are The Features Of A Tesla Model 3?

Here’s a quick breakdown of Tesla Model 3 -only features that make the electric-vehicle company, well, Tesla. Now, most of these features are included as part of Tesla’s base safety systems. No auto brand, from EVs to gas-powered options, comes with as many hidden modes and settings as an EV company. Autopilot is basically an amalgamation of adaptive cruise control and lane-center steering assist (many cars offer these systems now, including the main competitor, Teslas Model 3).

Basic Autopilot is capable of controlling steering and acceleration simultaneously, meaning that The Tesla Model 3 can remain in its lane, make turns, keep its speed steady, and keep a safe distance from the car ahead – a distance that can be adjusted using the wheel paddles. As long as a firm lane marker is present on the road in front, you only have to push down on the lever on the right of the steering wheel twice to hand over control of the Tesla Model 3. The usual things you would expect in a car, such as radio, A/C, and controls for mirror adjustment or for The Model 3s steering wheel, are all controlled from a central touchscreen. On the left of the Model 3s centrally mounted 15-inch touchscreen is the driving graphic, which shows your vehicle, lanes on the road, bike lanes, rail crossings, street arrows, stop signs, brake lights, pedestrians, and other cars (it even distinguishes between cars, trucks, and SUVs).

You can see Autopilot sensors at work before turning on Autopilot, as the Model 3s display shows you what Tesla Model 3 can see–including cars, trucks, traffic lights, and even dumpsters. Tesla’s new cars are Model 3s and Ys; they all have the same spare cabin, with a single central screen controlling everything you need to do, from driving and playing music to finding driving directions. The seats even fold down, giving you an enormous 66 inches of cargo room — Musk has suggested you could camp in a Tesla Model 3 for an entire night.

Performance trim outfits the five-seat Tesla Model 3 sedan with 20-inch grey wheels, updated brakes, lower ride height, a Track driving mode, carbon-fiber lip spoiler, and aluminum-alloy pedals. Opt for Model 3s long-range engine package, or a Performance option, and costs easily soared.

For 2018, Tesla added the Performance all-wheel-drive model, which has a claimed 260 miles of range. At the time of its launch in 2017, Model 3 was available in only a long-range version. The all-wheel-drive Model 3 Long Range is estimated to deliver 358 miles of range per charge, with 60 miles per gallon achieved in just 4.2 seconds. As of May 20,22, the base model, the rear-wheel-drive (RWD) Model 3, is listed for $47,000 for purchase.


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