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Tata Avinya-A New And Innovative PARADIGM

Tata Passenger Electric Mobility’s AVINYA Concept is a huge step toward the next generation of electric vehicles (TPEM). It’s built on the company’s GEN 3 architecture and represents the company’s concept of a pure electric car. The word AVINYA has derived from the Sanskrit language and means ‘innovation.’ The Tata AVINYA Concept provides a new mobility typology that allows for enormous space and comfort without being constrained by traditional division. It’s loaded with cutting-edge technology, software, and artificial intelligence that work in the background to provide well-being and peace of mind when traveling. This concept will be very accessible to a majority of customers in today’s fast-growing, high-volume segments, as it provides a high premium yet straightforward and relaxing customer experience.

Tata Motors has revealed the Tata Avinya, redefining its position in the electric vehicle industry. Yes, like the recently released Curvv SUV, it’s still a concept, but the Avinya has been shown to reveal the brand’s new design study. Its name comes from the Sanskrit word “Avinya,” which signifies “innovation.” According to Tata Motors, Avinya draws inspiration from a hatchback, an SUV, and an MPV to create something fresh and modern. We recently had the opportunity to witness the Avinya Concept in person, and here’s what we learned.

Outside, how’s it heading?

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Tata Motors is hoping to break into a new segment with Avinya. The front bumper of the Avinya Concept is huge and rectangular in appearance. It also has two U-shaped louvers as well as a mesh design. The absence of a company insignia on the bonnet, though, is striking. Instead, Tata Motors has given the Avinya LED DRLs that span the length of the dual-tone bonnet, forming a ‘T’ at the center.

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With the 22-inch swirl-shaped wheels pushed to the edges, the Avinya features shorter side overhangs. The low, flat black roofline flows down to the C-pillar, while the sharp L-shaped black insert on the doors adds an edgier touch to the otherwise basic and crease-free body design. The remarkable butterfly doors that open in the middle make their debut in any Tata Concept vehicle.

At the back, the design features continue to be remarkable. The single-piece narrow tail light stripe installed on the boot lid is eye-catching. Rather than hugging the back fenders, both sides of the lamp are elevated. The rear bumper resembles the front bumper further down, and the ‘Avinya’ logo can be seen below the boot line.

What’s it like on the inside of Tata Avinya?

The Tata Avinya’s cabin deviates from the brand’s current design language and emphasises minimalism. The Avinya is decorated in a light beige and tan colour scheme throughout the cabin. There are no traditional screens or even a specific driver’s display for the multimedia system. In fact, a small display panel with touch-based controls is housed within a square steering wheel with rounded sides.

The four individual air vents located on the door pads are another creative addition to the cabin. The speakers have been relocated from the doors and hidden beneath the headrests, while an air diffuser is housed in the front centre console. The prototype also included a rotating driver seat, but it’s unclear whether this would make it into the real model.

The full-size see-through roof contributes to the impression of space and lends an open vibe to the back row, which contains lounge-style seating. Traditional ORVMs have been replaced by camera-based systems that display the view on screens beside the A-pillar. Inside the cabin, the Avinya will use recycled and ecological materials. The floor, for example, is built of recycled plastic and mineral wastes such as oyster shells.

What about the available powertrains?

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The Tata Curvv will be built on the Gen 2 architecture, while the Avinya will be built on the more adaptable Gen 3 electric vehicle platform. More Tata EVs will use the new Gen 3 architecture in the future years, in a variety of sectors and body styles.

The capacity to house larger battery packs, which can result in an electric range exceeding 500 kilometers, is the new platform’s hallmark. The battery packs will also be capable of ultra-fast charging. The Avinya will have linked automobile technology, improved driver assistance technologies, and enhanced structural safety.

When will it be put into production?

Avinya is expected to go into production in 2025, according to Tata Motors. The Indian automaker has also stated that the Avinya will be a fully electric vehicle with a length of almost 4.3 meters and a wheelbase of 1.3 meters. It will make its debut following the newly revealed Curvv SUV, which is set to hit the market in 2025.

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